Gordon Ave Pools and Spa Above ground pools

Everything You Need to Know About Above-Ground Swimming Pools

If you’re in the market for a swimming pool, there are several types of pools to choose from. There’s the spa pool, infinity pool, lap pool, saltwater pool and so on. In general, however, there are two basic types of pools: inground and above ground pools. Earlier swimming pools were all technically inground pools, so they were quite…

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7 questions future pool owners always ask us

7 questions future pool owners always ask us

Good day, Sam from Gordon Avenue Pools here. I’m going to introduce you to the seven most commonly asked questions when we come out to a site inspection to give you guys a swimming pool quote. Pool cost The following factors I’ll discuss will determine the cost of your proposed swimming pool. Pool size, shape…

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Video - All about swimming pool lights

Pool lights

All about pool lights Let’s talk about lighting. Lighting is something that I would say 99% of people would put in their pool. What sort of lights do we put in there? How many lights do we need? Well, we would say about two lights for up to an eight-meter pool. But we will talk…

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Gordon Ave Pools and Spas Infloor Cleaning System Explained

How does a self-cleaning pool work

Your Pool Can Really Clean Itself One of the questions people often ask me is, “In-floor cleaning, is it a system that actually really works? Is it actually worth having it in the pool?” Well, we’ve done over a thousand units of in-floor cleaning, and I can tell you it is the best system you…

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Gordon Ave Pools and Spas Pool cleaning options

Pool cleaning options

Alternatives to Vantage Infloor Cleaning If in-floor cleaning is not in your budget, we actually have two other options that we can clean the pool. The most basic one is suction cleaners. A suction cleaner is connected into your skimmer box. You need to pull that in and out as is required. The second one…

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How much it cost to build a swimming pool

Cost to buy a swimming pool

Pool Cost Indication One of the most important questions people ask me is how much does a pool cost? Well, it could be anything. It could be from $30,000 up to $75,000 or even up to $100,000. So, some of the things we need to look at to confirm this price is to do a…

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Gordon Ave Pools and Spas The concept of lap pools

Lap Pools: Everything You Want to Know

Lap pools have been growing steadily in popularity over the last few years. For pool owners who want a large pool that’s appropriate for swimming laps but who don’t necessarily need the width of a full-size pool, lap pools are a fantastic solution. In this article, we’re covering everything you need to know to understand what…

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Gordon Ave Pools and Spas_Pool-Owners-Advice_Pool-Landscaping

Pool Landscaping and the Value of Your Home

A private outdoor pool is more than just a fun place to swim and relax; it is also an essential part of living to help avoid the excessive Australian summer heat. Did you know that effective pool landscaping can also boost the price of your home?

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Building quality Compass fibreglass swimming pools in the Greater Geelong region incl. Werribee and Great Ocean Road

Your expert Geelong pool builder

We are experts in building Compass fibreglass swimming pools in the Greater Geelong region
Thinking of a pool in or around Geelong? Select one of our popular fibreglass pool shapes to get started. Compass fibreglass pools are of the highest quality and they also look fantastic.
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Compass fibreglass pools have many unique properties you won't find with other fibreglass pool manufacturers. They can be built as inground pools or above the ground and they can even clean themselves!
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Our Bi-luminite pool colours will make your pool shine! The 3D reflective chips look awesome by daylight or with pool lights on. Select your Bi-luminite or Vivid pool colour for your new Geelong pool.
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About Gordon Ave Pools & Spas

Your Geelong, Werribee and Great Ocean Road swimming pool builders

Leading pool and spa company

At Gordon Avenue Pools and Spas, you’ll find Dean and Ange Holroyd leading a team of knowledgeable and innovative pool and spa experts. With over 35 years of experience, and a business that has been a part of the Geelong region for over 40 years.

Dean and his team install award-winning pools and spas throughout Geelong, the Surf Coast and Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Dean’s 35 years of industry experience has set him up with the priceless knowledge of the pool and spa industry.

As a family-owned and run pool business, Dean’s aim is to deliver professional service that is honest and meets the needs of his customers, being mindful of each customer’s lifestyle and budget. Dean and his team are regular recipients of SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association) Awards

Experienced swimming pool builders

As the leading Compass Pool installer in the Greater Geelong region, Dean can guarantee the quality of the product that he is behind. All Compass Pools come with a ceramic core, offer a lifetime* structural and hydrostatic warranty. Most pools are installed as self-cleaning pools with the Vantage cleaning system.

Dean’s team are often lauded for their meaningful, point of need customer service and their on-going customer communication, which in the present fast-paced pool and spa retail industry is a must-have for a successful business.

Dean is at the forefront of this approach with every customer and quote that comes through the office, modelling the friendly and approachable behaviours of genuine service that he has crafted over his many years in the industry.

Geelong pool showroom

Gordon Ave Pools and Spas
6-8 Gordon Avenue
Geelong West VIC
Phone: 03 5221 3422
* Terms and conditions apply. Vivid ceramic pools have different warranty terms. Refer to the Compass Pools Australia manufacturer’s warranty for full details.

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