Compass has been manufacturing innovative fibreglass ceramic pools for decades. Patented ceramic core technology creates you a tougher and more durable pool designed to cope with seasonal ground movement and the effects of long-term immersion in pool water.


Core strength

Ceramic microspheres

Light-weight composite core

Great inherent water resistance

A super-tough pool that you know you can rely on

What do our pool shells and an athlete’s body have in common? Core strength.



Patented ceramic core technology

In the mid 1990’s the Compass R&D team invented a unique method of combining Vinyl Ester resin and Ceramic spheres. Ceramic spheres are incredibly tough, they are chemically inert, and they will not absorb water in any form. Find out how Compass patented ceramic core technology provides core strength and ensures a risk-free purchase underpinned by our industry leading warranties.

Our patented ceramic core technology allows us to build you a tougher and more durable pool, which is designed to cope with seasonal ground movement, and the effects of long-term immersion in pool water. Watch this video to find out about ceramic core technology and how it will benefit you as a pool owner.


Key ingredient in the unique ceramic core

Ceramic microspheres have some truly astonishing properties:

  • They are so tough they can withstand 10,000 psi of pressure with no noticeable effect
  • They are resistant to chemical breakdown – they won’t dissolve or change after exposure to water or other chemicals in your pool
  • The will not absorb water in any form, which can be a leading cause of osmosis in pools.

These microspheres are a key ingredient in our unique ceramic core, which is now an integral component in the manufacture of all Compass pools sold across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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