Watch our advice videos to get comfortable with making the decision of buying your new swimming pool

How much does a swimming pool cost?

In this video, you’ll learn from Dean about factors affecting the price of your new dream pool. He also give you an indicative cost based on different options and features so watch out for it.

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Pool cleaning options

Learn what options you have to ensure your new swimming pool stays sparkling clean all the time. Robotic pool cleaners and suction cleaners are explained as the alternatives to the Vantage self-cleaning option.

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How does a self-cleaning pool work?

Learn how Vantage infloor cleaning system does its magic and keeps your pool clean without you having to do all the hard work. It’s the best system on the market and Dean will explain its funcionality to you.

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Heating your swimming pool

Watch this video to learn about the three different option of ensuring your swimming pool is heated and comfortable to swim in. Dean will explain gas heating, (electric) heat pumps and solar heating options.

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Pool water management

What water sanitation options are there available for you? Find out more about naked fresh systems, traditional saltwater chlorinatrion, ozone and mineral swim options and their pros and cons.

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Pool lighting options

(Almost) everyone puts lights in their pool. How many lights should you consider and what types of lights are available? How do they operate and how are they managed and serviced?

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7 questions future pool owners ask us

Watch this video to find out more about the most frequently asked questions regarding pool ownership. Sam, our construction manager, will guide you through them and explain the commonly discussed issues.

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